The Pottery Factory and The Pot Maker

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Been making pots since 1961. Can you imagine that? Was it by fate or was it by choice? I failed to ask. But one thing for sure, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication in order to do something for decades.

Everything will start with a certain amount of mud. What I notice was, they mushed the mud so hard before putting it to the “spinning table”. Then a certain amount of pressure will be applied to dig a hole at the center of the mud.

Pot Factory 1

Pot Factory 2

Few minutes more…

Pot Factory 3

Pot Factory 4

Then it started to have a “shape”.

Pot Factory 5

At this point, a “vase” is starting to form.

Pot Factory 6

Then voila, a well crafted vase! The process doesn’t end there. It needs to be cooked in a special “oven”.

Pot Factory 7

Around the pot factory, you will see different products awaiting to be cooked.

Pot Factory

Pot Factory

Pot Factory

Pot Factory

A trip to pot factory while in Vigan is definitely a must.

Highly Recommended!

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