The Entalula – Beachfront Guest House

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When in Manila, my trip to El Nido was pretty much pre-arranged by “The Entalula” staff. From my van transfer from Puerto Princesa to El Nido, and island hopping tour the following day. I’ve seen this guest house before but I already book to Hadefe that time. So I said to myself that I should try their accommodation the next time I visit the place, so I did…

The guest house is well maintained, clean, and everything seems to be fresh. The staff were nice buy it lacks this certain “smile” on their faces when they talk to you. I’m a Filipino, they only smiles to foreigner I guess… haha. But anyhow, I won’t take it against them… bad day maybe?

Entalula Beach Resort

I got the 2nd floor room for 1,500 pesos. It has hot & cold shower, split-type air-condition unit, with veranda, and not to mention a magnificent view of El Nido bay.. No TV though, most of the resorts and guest house in El Nido don’t have TV’s. They encourage you to go out and explore. And please be guided that electricity in the area is only from 3pm to 6am.

Entalula Beach Resort

I wish to get the Cabana near the beach but it was fully occupied during my stay.

Entalula Beach Resort

The Verdict

Should I stay here again? Hmmm… maybe. But for now, it’s just my number 3 or 4 accommodation in El Nido.
Should I recommend it? Definitely. This is a fine guest house.
What I like? The view, ambiance, and the cleanliness of the room.
What I don’t like? Is how they placed the window on their bathroom. It is placed in hallway side, kinda low for a standard window that if a tall person pass by and accidentally peep through the window, they will see you naked inside the bathroom. Haha. No curtains nor any way to cover the window. So if your girlfriend or wife is taking a bath, you should stay outside for security reasons.
How’s the food? Honestly, I don’t have any idea coz we bought our food outside.

For the price, everything is justified.


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