El Nido Adventure – 2012

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Not everyone has the luxury of visiting El Nido. Aside from the monopoly of one airline service (will cost you 7-12k one way on average ticket sale), not everyone can endure the 5-6 hours of travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. Plus, the common notion is going there is expensive. Well, true… but my blog last 2010 proves that it can be cheap if you are wise enough on choosing accommodation, food, and tour… thus, this is the sole purpose of my blog, to make your journey easy… 🙂

Snake Island – El Nido

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Snake Island is another famous destination in El Nido. Well, simply because it’s infested with different kinds of venomous snake. So going here, you need anti-venom and a doctor. Hehehe. When we visited the place, I was bitten by a huge male Philippines Cobra!!! I almost died… but it didn’t stop me from exploring this […]