Whites and Greens

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Whites and Greens

It’s been a while since I visited Bohol. To be honest, I don’t have any plans in visiting it sooner but when thinking about vacation with family, Bohol is one of the best places in terms of safety and convenience of the tour. As we boarded our plane, there’s no definite place yet on where […]

Suhot Cold Springs

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One good thing about being a wedding photographer (like me) is that I have the chance to visit various places for free. We had our recent engagement session shoot at Capiz and our client booked us in Suhot Cold Springs. Pride of Dumalag, Capiz. This place is very famous among locals and tourist nearby. People […]

Casa Consuelo – A Discovery

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After 2 nights at Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort, we decided to try resorts somewhere near Blue Lagoon. My agenda is to take a sunset/sunrise shot of the lagoon. However, as we’re looking for a place to stay, the initial resort we have in mind “Kapuluan Vista” is fully booked that time. So we have […]

Pannzian Beach and Mountain Resort – Gem of the North

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I’ve been planning an Ilocos tour years ago. So when I got the chance few weeks ago, I never thought twice. I packed my bags and headed to the north… more often than not, when I travel, the first thing I will search on the Internet are the places to stay and where to eat. […]

Stunning Vistas Beach Resort

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If you haven’t been to El Nido before and now looking for accommodations, let me help you plan your stay. The most common you will find on the internet are the ones located in the main town. To name a few, Periking Beach Guesthouse, Marina Garden Resort, Entalula Beach Guesthouse, etc… ┬ábeach front here is […]