Belenismo Sa Tarlac 2016

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Belenismo Sa Tarlac 2016

Everybody loves Christmas time. I’m sure, even for non-Catholics, it’s the season of being happy for everyone. Having said that, with the ongoing social issues recently (Marcos burial, Trump winning the election..) on TV, social media, etc… My wife and I decided to have a break and bring our kids to see this year’s “Belenismo […]

What to Explore in Ilocos Norte?

What makes Ilocos Norte (or the whole part of Ilocandia) so popular is because it’s a destination with complete package. There are sceneries to enjoy, festivals to experience, native food to try, and historical sites and churches to visit. People from the south don’t mind the 10-12 hours drive from Manila because everything in you […]

Pearl Farm Resort

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Pearl Farm is one of the famous resorts in the country. Fortunately, I got the chance to visit this place last February. Please be sure to book in advance for the accommodation. The trip will start in Pearl Farm Marina located somewhere in Davao City. You can ask a cab to drop you off in […]

Prinsesa Bulakna Beach Resort

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My first destination was supposedly Salagdoong Beach (most famous in Siquijor) but opted to Prinsesa Bulakna instead. My reason was to try the least searched places and blog about it. The trip was approximately 30-45 minutes from the Siquijor port. I paid 250 pesos for the tricycle. After scenic view, we entered the vicinity of […]

Horror, Mystery, and Good Life in the Middle of the Sea

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When there’s no electricity, there’s not much you can do. Although there’s a cellphone and 3G internet signal, I was saving my Galaxy S2’s precious battery power for emergency purposes and the fact that it’s half empty and it’s only 3pm. The tide has risen to approximately 4 feet and the winds got stronger. With […]