Nacpan/Calitang Beach – Hidden Treasure of Palawan

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I’ve been to El Nido couple of times, yet… there’s this feeling that I’m not satisfied because I know that there are still hidden gems to discover…

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El Nido Adventure – 2012

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Not everyone has the luxury of visiting El Nido. Aside from the monopoly of one airline service (will cost you 7-12k one way on average ticket sale), not everyone can endure the 5-6 hours of travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. Plus, the common notion is going there is expensive. Well, true… but my blog last 2010 proves that it can be cheap if you are wise enough on choosing accommodation, food, and tour… thus, this is the sole purpose of my blog, to make your journey easy… 🙂

El Nido 2012

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My 2012 El Nido adventure was both exciting and quite a suspense. Suspense because few hours before my flight, I’m not sure yet if I should go on with the journey or just cancelled it. Aside from the bad weather condition based on forecast, I have limited funds to shell out. However, as what they […]

Pandawan Festival 2012

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I’ve been a fan of Aliwan Fiesta. Actually, Dinagyang of Ilo-Ilo is my all time favorite among them all. However, if I can appreciate other province’s festival, why not my own hometown? Allow me to share Nueva Ecija’s Pandawan Fiesta. Most of you may not be familiar with this but I can say that they […]

Aliwan Fiesta 2012

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Aliwan Fiesta is the battle of the best of Philippine Festivals. It showcase tradition and culture of people from different parts of the country. It is held annually and personally, I think it’s one of the best photo opportunity for photographer like me. I got the chance to attend this festivity. Allow me to share […]