Panagbenga Festival 2013

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First of all, I’d like to apologize for the late post. I’ve been so busy lately… 🙂 Anyway, It was my first time going to Panagbenga Festival. I’ve heard of this before and was invited many times but it’s only Vince (my officemate) who made me say “Yes, I’ll be shooting at Panagbenga”. Coz aside […]

Horror, Mystery, and Good Life in the Middle of the Sea

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When there’s no electricity, there’s not much you can do. Although there’s a cellphone and 3G internet signal, I was saving my Galaxy S2’s precious battery power for emergency purposes and the fact that it’s half empty and it’s only 3pm. The tide has risen to approximately 4 feet and the winds got stronger. With […]

The Mangrove Tour

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My trip to mangroves was prearranged by the local tourism in Manjuyod. I paid 1 thousand pesos. The scene was quite interesting at first. But when I reached the end, I’m not sure if I was disappointed or just too curious that I expected to see angels singing hallelujah between the mangroves. Well… maybe this […]

Banana Island – Coron

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Like Malcapuya island, Banana Island is no ordinary route for Coron’s island hopping. You need a special boat and a day for the trip to the island coz it’s quite far compare to other common island tour. By the way, I’m happy to say that you can spend overnight in one of their cottages which […]

Malcapuya Island – Coron

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Going to Malcapuya Island is not the usual Coron tour route. You have to allocate another day and special boat to visit the Island. The place is nice, white sand, and has a cottage that you can spend overnight. However, the rate is 5k to 10k up depends if there are other occupants in the […]