Back to Dumaguete

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I found myself on an trepidatious fast bus ride going back to Dumaguete. And every time the bus driver hits the accelerator , I step on imaginary brakes in front of me. I’m not sure if the driver noticed it but his face is like a yahoo smiley that grins every time my body language […]

The Sandbar Hut

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The Sandbar Hut If you search the Internet for Manjuyod/Bais huts, it’s rare to find internal photos of it. So for those who’s quite curious, here’s some snap shots… The one that I got (hut #2) is good for 20 person. It’s quite spacious and neat for it’s purpose. Based on tourism officer, it’s the […]

Bethel Guest House

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My failed attempt to spend the night in Malatapay gave me no choice but to go back to Dumaguete City. My choice of accommodation must be cheap yet strategic to the place and things I need for the following day. With months of research about the city, I find Hotel Nicanor and Bethel Guest House […]

My Negros Oriental Adventure

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“Ay.. wala na yung resort na hinahanap mo last year pa. Wala nang resort ngayon dito (in Bisayan dialect)” Those words echoed in my ear for a minute or two. My journey begun, I whisper… Jan 22 2012 3:00 pm – Patiently waiting at terminal 3, my flight was schedule at 3pm but no boarding […]