Callao Cave

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Callao Cave

Callao Cave is the top toast destination while in Tuguegarao. I’ve been eyeing to visit the place for years. Fortunately, I finally got the chance and didn’t waste my time to take pictures. Lots of pictures!!! hehe There’s a clean CR prior the stairs going up so make sure to sooth yourself before going into […]

Suhot Cold Springs

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One good thing about being a wedding photographer (like me) is that I have the chance to visit various places for free. We had our recent engagement session shoot at Capiz and our client booked us in Suhot Cold Springs. Pride of Dumalag, Capiz. This place is very famous among locals and tourist nearby. People […]

Codugnon Cave – El Nido

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Codugnon Cave is located in Codgunon Island. Make sense? Ahahaha. Anyway, I’m not really into caves but to experience a batman life is not bad at all. The cave is small compare to what you’ll find in Bulacan (Biak na Bato) but interesting enough to pay a visit. If you’re into caves, I recommend this […]