Digisit Bay Revisited

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Digisit Bay Revisited

One of the best places in Aurora for photography is the Digisit Bay. Resorts are starting to flock compare to my last visit. Something that is alarming coz you know what will happen next if the place is too crowded. I suggest to visit Digisit while it’s still fresh.

Dicasalarin, Aurora

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Dicasalarin, Aurora

I’ve been to Aurora several times but mostly in Baler’s most common tourist areas. My first visit was in 2011 and it was a blast! I went home with gorgeous photos that until now I can’t believe that I’m the one who photographed it. Digisit Bay 2011 | Dipaculao 2011 Now, after years of hiatus from travel […]

Ditumabo Falls

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Usually, I’m not interested with falls. But there’s this itch that I should come to see Ditumabo Falls on my 2nd visit to Baler. More determined this time, we asked the driver to take us to this famous falls. Also known as, mother falls. The road to Ditumabo Falls is rough. Approximately 15-20 min ride […]

Ampere Beach – Revisited

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I’m not a landscape photographer by heart, but I appreciate it. As a traveler, there are only few places that interests me and Ampere Beach is definitely in my top 10 places to shoot at. We woke up at exactly 4:00 am, hired a tricycle, and head to Dipaculao (where ampere is located). After 30-45 […]

Baler, Aurora – Revisited

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We arrived at exactly 4:00 am to Genesis Bus terminal (Cubao) to catch the first trip (4:30 am) to Baler. I suggest that you catch this trip to avail the “sleeper or lazy boy” bus for convenient ride. Travel time from Cubao to Baler is 6-7 hours. As soon as we arrived at Baler’s town […]