The Old Diplomat Hotel

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Baguio City is known for its cold weather through out the year, fresh strawberries, fresh vegetables, night market, “ukay-ukay”, silver jewelries, etc… I must admit, for a seascape maniac like me, I had a hard time finding subjects/place to shoot at while in Baguio. However, I got lucky coz I had the chance to shoot […]

Laperal Whitehouse | Baguio’s Famous Haunted House

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Have you ever been to a haunted house? Well… few weeks ago, it’s been my first time. First impression was, this is creepy! It may be psychological or not, but the stories I’ve heard before about the house echoes at the back of my mind as we head towards the old-fashioned house. Documentary of GMA […]

Colorado Falls

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I must admit that I have an Acrophobia (Fear of Heights). But it didn’t stop me in going to Colorado Falls. Can you imagine walking on this “swaying bridge” ? The view here is magnificent. A 40 min trip from Baguio City to this falls is definitely worth it. One can easily find this place […]

Baguio City | the summer capital of the Philippines

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I was already in college the first time I set foot to Baguio City. To be honest, I didn’t like the place that much. I find it over crowded and I can’t find anything special. Couple of visits more, it’s still the same notion. Until just recently, I think I got the point why it […]

Balatoc Mines

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After the free hefty breakfast provided by Azalea, we packed our gears with anticipation. No one in our group has ever been to this Balatoc Mines that becoming a famous attraction in Baguio. Neither I, I never thought that such a place could be an attraction and can drag tourist. Balatoc Mines is a 30 […]