Prinsesa Bulakna Beach Resort

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My first destination was supposedly Salagdoong Beach (most famous in Siquijor) but opted to Prinsesa Bulakna instead. My reason was to try the least searched places and blog about it.

The trip was approximately 30-45 minutes from the Siquijor port. I paid 250 pesos for the tricycle. After scenic view, we entered the vicinity of Prinsesa Bulakna resort. The front desk office is located at their restaurant.


My Room – The room was clean and nice, comfortable bed, with satellite cable tv, cabinets, hot and cold shower. I can rate it 8 stars out of 10. I paid 1500 pesos coz I got a discounted price from 2500. Should I pay 2500? Well I’ll rate the room 7/10 stars.



The room is parallel to their swimming pool. It’s salt water though.



Unfortunately, it was low tide during my stay plus a gloomy weather. Not a lucky day for photographer like me.



The beach front was ok. Not the best in town but it can hold its own compare to other resorts in Siquijor.


I’ve been to different resorts and beaches around our country and I’m sad to say that Prinsesa Bulakna is not on my top 10 list. However, I give credit to where credit is due. This resort is still highly recommended specially if you want a peaceful and relaxing place to unwind. I’ve experienced good service during my stay, very different to what I’ve read from other blogs.

I didn’t explore the area that much but there’s a lot of photography subjects/places to shoot at. And oh, don’t forget to try their Pancit Bihon, one of the best pancit I’ve tried in our country.


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