Hadefe Cottages

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Most of the resorts in El Nido, you’ll find it in town. But if you prefer a quiet place, then Hadefe is one of my recommendations. The only problem is you have to walk 10-15 min from the town coz it’s not accessible by tricycle. I understand that each one of us has his/her own […]

Marina Garden Resort – El Nido, Palawan

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Marina Garden Resort is one of the most famous resorts in El Nido. The attendants are nice. Affordable rates. Rooms are decently clean and fresh. I noticed that their marketing strategy is good for they have a website (multiply at least) and they will reply to your inquiry and reservations (no deposit required) via email. […]

Road to El Nido, Palawan

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Most of the people I know would like to go to El Nido but either they don’t know how or they think it’s expensive. Well, I have a good and bad news. The bad news is, direct flight via Seair is really expensive. Though, it may be subjective depending on how deep your pocket is. […]

Manny’s Guest House

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While in Puerto Princesa, we chose to stay in one of the rooms of Manny’s Guest House. This is a highly recommended place for backpacker traveler like me. The rate is super cheap ranging from 600 pesos for a fan room and 800 pesos for an air-conditioned room. Although there’s no private bathroom, the place […]