My Negros Oriental Adventure

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“Ay.. wala na yung resort na hinahanap mo last year pa. Wala nang resort ngayon dito (in Bisayan dialect)” Those words echoed in my ear for a minute or two. My journey begun, I whisper…

Jan 22 2012
3:00 pm – Patiently waiting at terminal 3, my flight was schedule at 3pm but no boarding yet
3:30 – Boarding. But we’ve waited 30 min at the tarmac due to air traffic.
4:00 – Take off .

5:15 – Landing at Sibulan airport. I have mixed emotion to the pedicab drivers who will harass you outside the airport. I find it annoying but at the same time, I understand that they need to do it to earn a living. I asked one of the drivers to take me to Ceres Bus Station that will pass by Malatapay, my key entry to APO island.

5:40 – We reached the bus terminal. To my surprised, the driver asked 150 pesos for a 5-6 km ride. This is a rip-off I said to myself, shook my head, didn’t say a word and walk away. I was too accustomed to cheap tricyle ride in other provinces I’ve been. On the other hand, it’s my fault. I should’ve asked how much first before riding. Lessons learned here.

5:45 – I asked one of the bus drivers if he can drop me off at one of the beach resorts in Malatapay. The driver agreed. I confirmed if there’s a resort in Malatapay. He said yes. Perfect! I said. My research won’t fail me. Hehe.

6:30 – After 45 min ride from Dumaguete, the driver told me that we’re in Malatapay and I can ride off the bus. I can’t see any resorts somewhere near but an old market with “To APO Island” signage. I walked few meters and asked some locals about the resort or any resort near. To my surprised, there’s none.

Deep silence in the air, contemplating. I started the day waiting for hours in the airport, delayed flight, overpriced tricycle ride, liar bus driver, tired from the travel, hungry stomach, cold night, but a strong will to continue my journey…

I found myself going back to Dumaguete to revamp my itinerary…

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