Manjuyod/Bais Sandbar

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My original itinerary was exclusive for APO island. However, due to delayed flights and misfortune in finding a resort in Malatapay. I decided to cancel APO and head to “plan B” instead which is the Bais/Manjuyod Sandbar tour.

I’ve done tons of research about the Bais/Manjuyod sandbar. All of them will tell you that you can stay overnight at one of the huts there. However, only few dared to spend the night. With few hours of contemplating… I bid goodbye to Dumaguete for a while and found myself waiting for a bus going to the sandbar.

The most convenient way to reach Manjuyod is to hire a van that will take you to Bais City or Manjuyod town. But since I have a very limited budget, I took the normal route which is to ride a CERES bus going to Manjuyod. I paid 58 pesos.

Here’s a view inside the Ceres Bus
Ceres Bus to Manjuyod

The ride was dusty due to some road construction going on. But most of the time, you’ll enjoy a scenic view of either sugar cane plantation, rivers, and seas. It took almost two hours to reach Bais City.


Few kilometers away, then there’s Manjuyod
Manjuyod Town

Bais or Manjuyod?

Some of you might be confused whether to drop by Manjuyod or Bais in going to sandbar. Well, the answer is either which but here’s the catch.

1. Manjuyod owns the nipa huts in sandbar. Thus, you have to pay them not Bais.
2. Manjuyod boats don’t have license for dolphin watching, thus you can’t do this activity.
3. Bais don’t have nipa huts, so you have to pay Manjuyod for the hut rental and separate for the boat rental.
4. If you decide to stay overnight but you are in Bais, you can still pay the huts at Bais tourism office but you need to pay separate for the boat transfer.


In short, if you want dolphin watching. You have to go to Bais and pay 3500 + Hut rental. Otherwise, you can still spend lunch at the sandbar but you cannot use their huts. You have to eat inside the boat. Hehehe.

Since I’m not interested with dolphins, I went to Manjuyod tourism office and paid 2500 for the hut rental overnight inclusive of boat transfer. I didn’t pay extra for boat transfer. Should I chose a day tour instead? Then I will only pay 1500 inclusive of boat ride.

At Manjuyod Office, I met Jonas as my tour guide. He accompanied me buying goods at the market.

Manjuyod Market

I bought the following:

– 2 bags of uling
– 1 kilo of liempo
– 2 cups or steamed rice
– 2 1.5 bottle coke
– 1 gallon of mineral water
– 1 kilo ripe mango (specialty of Manjuyod)
– soy sauce, vinegar, calamansi, magic sarap

Their market is simple, you can buy anything you need in one go.
Manjuyod Market

Road to Manjuyod Wharf


I didn’t have utensils with me ofcourse, but you can rent it for 100 pesos in Marina Tourism Office.
Marina Tourism Office


I roamed around the office for a while and took some shots. This is the most appealing tourism office for my taste.

more minutes of bumpy and dirt road ride… Manjuyod Wharf at last.. not the best wharf but it has a distinctive aura that attracts photographers like me. Just like the shark, I smell blood. Sandbar that is… I was greeted by my bangkeros slash guards at night.
Manjuyod Wharf


I was surprised that the boat was good for 6-10 person. Though the waves were smooth despite of the amihan winds, it was very comforting to know that bigger boats were used. My heart pounding. I’m not sure if it’s because of excitement or being anxious that I might get disappointed.


To entertain myself a lil bit… I took pictures of virtually anything I can find along the way.


after 15 minutes or so… from a far, I can see paradise…

Manjuyod / Bais Sandbar

Manjuyod / Bais Sandbar

Manjuyod / Bais Sandbar

I’m not that religious person but I thank God for a rewarding view that he gave me that day. As I approach my sanctuary for a day, I can’t wait to have a bum life.


As the ladder of my mansion was being lowered, excitement engulfs me..


At this point, I love life…


  1. Nini
    February 18, 2012

    Hi’s me again… 2.5k pesos ang binayad mo sa overnight stay in Sandbar inclusive of boat transfer. I’m doing my research now, and I saw some posts, they’re saying it’s about 3000 per cottage then 2000 for the boat…it is so expensive naman. Is it better to go directly at the Manjuyod tourism office than call them for reservation? Which day ka din pumunta?
    (baka kasi mamaya ioverprice kami…hihi ^_^ 2500 is fine, but if they’d ask for 5k, whoa…wag na lang…better go diving na lang for that price or go in Apo Island…)

    Saturday morning arrival namen ng bf kong si Glenn din sa Dumaguete, hehe….(I hope hindi sarado ung office ng weekend, we got only four days stay at Dumaguete)

    And I hope it is still existing and safe, coz’ we’re planning to go to Casaroro Falls but it’s closed daw dahil sa recent earthquake… anyway, I’m doing intensive research na these past few nights..haha got three months pa to prepare…so a little advise/help from you would mean a lot! tHaNkS! ;P

    • glennmendoza
      March 9, 2012

      Hi Nini…

      Sorry for the late reply.

      About your inquiry, it will be cheaper if you go directly to Manjuyod Tourism office. I just paid 2500 inclusive of boat transfer. They will provide “guards” at your disposal in case you would like to spend the night.

      If you inquire in Bais, you have to pay 2000 for boat transfer and 3000 for the huts separately. The reason for this is, the huts were owned by Manjuyod per se. Perhaps Bais will earn from the boat ride alone.

      Hope this helps. Good Luck

      Glenn M

      • Nini
        March 17, 2012

        Hi Glenn! Thanks so much! I am so excited na! Two more months and I am in Pinas na… Hope to see more posts and travel guides from you. More power and God Bless ^_^

  2. Jeno
    April 18, 2012

    Hi Glenn sorry to bother you. I have some questions and your answer will be really helpful.

    Where do we go to get into the Tourism office of Manjuyod? do we go directly to the Municipal Hall? we’re going there around 7am is that too early you think?

    • glennmendoza
      April 18, 2012

      Hi Jeno…

      You can ask the bus (if you’ll take one) to drop you off directly at Manjuyod Tourism Office. As per the time, I think regular hours would be 8am to 5pm. 🙂 Goodluck!

      Glenn M

  3. joe santos
    April 19, 2012

    Hi! Great pics! I’m also planning to see the sandbar and stay the night. Would you happen to have the contact of your guide, the boatman, or the Manjuyod tourism office at the sandbar? thanks in advance!

    • Dann
      August 7, 2012

      (032) 404-1136.. that’s their telephone number 🙂

  4. Johnna
    October 8, 2012

    “In short, if you want dolphin watching. You have to go to Bais and pay 3500 + Hut rental. Otherwise, you can still spend lunch at the sandbar but you cannot use their huts. You have to eat inside the boat. Hehehe.”

    Hi! If my case is above, how much is the hut rental if we’ll just have lunch there? thank you!

    Your blog is very informative. Big help! 😀

  5. glennmendoza
    October 8, 2012

    Hi Johnna…

    Additional 2,500 for the hut.


  6. Johnna
    October 10, 2012

    If we’ll just eat lunch at the hut, it’s still 2.5k?

  7. angdamongligaw
    October 13, 2012

    hi. the rate for the overnight stay is per person?
    or is it 2500 for the whole hut?
    what if we are a group of 10? should we pay 2500 per person or we can divide it to our group?
    thanks and more power!

    • glennmendoza
      October 15, 2012

      2500 is for the whole hut… there are huts that can accommodate more people compare to the other huts. Make sure to let the tourism office know how many guest to visit the sandbar.


  8. Levi
    October 16, 2012

    Thanks for the information Glenn..That Ceres bus you mentioned that travels to Manjuyod. Is that a straight comfortable ride or a zigzag stop and go bumpy ride? I have a problem with motion sickness. Thanks !

    • glennmendoza
      October 16, 2012

      90% of the road is paved, 10% is under construction as of Jan 2012. So I guess the roads are 100% paved now.

      You’ll enjoy a scenic ride, no zigzag, bumpy, or whatsoever.

  9. byahilo
    December 26, 2012

    pssst! nag manjuyod ka din pala. i was there 2 days bago dumaan ang bagyong pablo. na stranded din ako sa dgte dahil sa bagyo

    baka babalik ako manjuyod sa summer. grabe ang biglang drop ng water dun. tumatalon pa talaga ako sa edge ng sandbar. parang diving board lang. ahahaha

    • glennmendoza
      December 27, 2012

      OO eric… I was there last January.

      Sama ako pag balik ka.. daanan na rin natin APO island.

  10. glai
    January 16, 2013

    Hi! Just wondering… since you stayed overnight, who cooked for you? would it be alright for the “guard” to cook lunch, dinner and bfast?

    I’ve already gone there before pero day tour lang. the boatmen were in charged for our lunch. Iniisip ko would it be the same for overnight or sarili sikap kame s kitchen.


    • glennmendoza
      January 17, 2013

      Hi Glai, I cooked the food by myself. 🙂

      I bought “uling” and liempo, marinate it and ask the bangkeros to bring ice for me.

      I’m not sure though if they will cook food for dinner.

  11. White Sand Bar
    January 18, 2013

    Hello glen,
    In be haft of the Municipality of Manjuyod, Thank you so much for helping us promote White Sand Bar…for updates on our tourism promotions , we now serve pre-arrange seafood meals in native style cooking at the cottages at a minimum order of 2k. and we have already boat permits to carry passengers for dolphin watching activity and cruising around the bay . if you friends who wants to visit us, our booking and reservation email add: or call 09194882950 or 09229472369…….our rates are still the same for Daytime guest :2 pax 1.5k, 15 pax 3k for overnight stay 2 pax 2.5k, 15 pax 4k inclusive if boat transfer service and night guard for overnight guest..come and visit us again….thank you so much…daphne

    • Maria Joy
      January 30, 2013

      Me and my friends are planning to visit Manjuyod by november ,, I just want to ask what time the tour starts for daytime guests?


      • glennmendoza
        February 20, 2013

        It starts as early as 5:00am if you would like to avail the dolphin watching.

    • glennmendoza
      February 20, 2013


      I hope you gave me discount or an overnight stay on my next visit on the sandbar. 🙂

    • jorlyn
      April 1, 2013

      hello it seems email address mention is not correct, i try to send email however it was returned back to me…please help! thanks

  12. Nini
    August 15, 2014

    Hi Glenn! It’s me Nini. I commented on your post two years ago? I was not able to go to Dumaguete. I have to cancel the trip during that time. Hopefully, next year paguwi ko ng Pinas matuloy ko na. More travels for us. Take care.


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