Dayang Beach Resort

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After a luxurious evening in Pearl Farm Resort, I wasted on time going to Sta. Ana port in Davao City. It’s my gateway to Talikud Island. I prefer visiting places where most people won’t go. I love less crowded places and experience simple life.

Prior to my travel, I’ve searched the Internet for transportation, accommodation, and well known resort in the Island but Dayang Beach Resort caught my attention the most. Going there is easy, all you need to do is catch the “ML Z-ENRYH-2 Ferry” that will leave Sta. Ana port at exactly 1:30pm and will drop you off in Dayang Beach Resort’s shore.

ML Z-ENRYH-2 Ferry

Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. Depends on the cargo of your fellow passenger. In my case, they unloaded sacks of rice in one of the port along the way so it took my travel longer than usual. The ferry itself is ok, not that luxurious nor fancy but will get you to your destination safely. The first thing I looked for after I embark is to find a life vest. Fortunately, it’s available for my disposal.

Dayang Beach Resort

The cottages in Dayang Beach Resort are typical native nipa hut style accommodation. No fancy design. No air-conditioning unit. No cable tv. No refrigerator. Only the bed, you, the stars, the waves, and the thoughts of your love ones way back home.


I was surprised to find foreigners in the area. It’s funny that only few Filipinos would appreciate this kind of life. While foreigners were there for weeks but they feel fine. The rate is cheap. I paid 600 pesos for the overnight stay. They can cook food for you but menu depends on the availability of their stocks. In my case, I ordered grilled fish and 2 liters of softdrinks.

For every destination I’ve been, my goal is to take pictures. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate that much to deliver stunning photos. But let me share some of my shots.





There’s nothing much to do in Dayang Beach Resort but to relax, unwind, and have a good time by doing nothing. Given a chance, I’ll be back. It’s one of the places I can highly recommend when in Talikud Island.

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  1. Noi
    April 27, 2012

    hi, ano po ba ang latest phone no. ng Dayang? kasi yung mga nakita ko sa internet hindi makontak. please pakipost kasi gusto namin pumunta dyan this weekend.


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