Belenismo Sa Tarlac 2016

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Belenismo Sa Tarlac 2016

Everybody loves Christmas time. I’m sure, even for non-Catholics, it’s the season of being happy for everyone. Having said that, with the ongoing social issues recently (Marcos burial, Trump winning the election..) on TV, social media, etc… My wife and I decided to have a break and bring our kids to see this year’s “Belenismo […]

What to Explore in Ilocos Norte?

What makes Ilocos Norte (or the whole part of Ilocandia) so popular is because it’s a destination with complete package. There are sceneries to enjoy, festivals to experience, native food to try, and historical sites and churches to visit. People from the south don’t mind the 10-12 hours drive from Manila because everything in you […]

Azalea Residences Hotel | Baguio City

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Azalea Residences | Baguio City We arrived at their hotel at 4:00 am. My first impression was, this is a nice hotel! I like its location, away from the busy street but still accessible to any major destinations in Baguio. I felt the “privacy” ambiance. I prefer that. After few hours of rest and breakfast, […]

Baguio City 2012

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I’ve waited an hour and a half before we came finally rushing towards the van. The smell of the Burger King’s grilled food trailing in my wake… I met some familiar faces and new people. “This is it!…” I whisper. Another journey, another experience. In times like this, I badly need travel. I need a […]

Salute to Philippine Travel Blogger: Eric and Christian

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“What is the noble thing you’ve done lately?” I asked myself while I was inside a bathroom, contemplating… “NON!” I whisper… I’m now here in front of the computer, thinking… Suddenly, there was this flashback when I was still a noob photographer… I remember the people who inspired me, who support my work in the […]