Bohol Island Tour

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Dolphin Watching

After a good breakfast at Whites and Green’s restaurant, we head to the middle of the sea to visit the dolphins. Travel time approximately 30-45 mins from the shore and seeing the dolphins is exciting than I expected. I brought a wrong lens so I didn’t capture a good photo.



Balicasag Island


After 10-15 minutes of watching the dolphins, we headed to Balicasag Island. It’s my first time so I didn’t know what to expect. To my surprise, there’s a community there doing “business as usual” for the tourists. I have to pay environmental fee 100 per head but there’s no issued receipt. Snorkeling gears , life vest , etc… can be rented for a fee of course.

I’m not in the mood for swimming that day so I decided to walk on the shores of Balicasag.




As I walked farther , the shores are getting better…


I recommend Balicasag for snorkeling fanatics. Don’t forget to bring underwater action cameras.


Whenever I see emerald green waters, my heart pound with delight. It’s not everyday I got to see this kind of scenery. At least for an office boy like me.

Virgin Island


One of the best sandbars I’ve seen. I can compare it to the shores of Anguib Beach only shallower or perhaps the sandbar in Manjuyod. My 2 year old son enjoyed this place the most and so do I.





It rained hard the night before so the main sandbar is kinda dirty but its fine with me as long as the debris came from sea weeds / plants.


I highly recommend doing the island tour. One of the best spots in Bohol in one go.

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