Big Lagoon – El Nido

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Philippines is such a beautiful place. Gifted with natural beauty and you find it everywhere. Experiencing Big Lagoon will make your jaw dropped and say WOW!!! It happened to me!!! At first I was hesitant of Lagoons. I find them boring until Big Lagoon slapped me in the face. It’s one of the best places I’ve seen in my entire life.

Here’s the entrance….

Big Lagoon - Entrance

Notice how water changes… as we go further deep in the heart of the lagoon.

Big Lagoon - Entrance

Big Lagoon – Simply magnificent!!!

Big Lagoon 1

Big Lagoon 2

Big Lagoon is a must see in El Nido. My pictures didn’t give justice on the actual scene but I assure you guys, this is worth your visit. Highly Recommended!!!

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