Belenismo Sa Tarlac 2016

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Everybody loves Christmas time. I’m sure, even for non-Catholics, it’s the season of being happy for everyone. Having said that, with the ongoing social issues recently (Marcos burial, Trump winning the election..) on TV, social media, etc… My wife and I decided to have a break and bring our kids to see this year’s “Belenismo sa Tarlac 2016”.

It’s my first time to visit and take a closer look of each “Belens”. I was amazed of enormous hardwork and creativity put to each belen.


AFP’s Belen – Camp General Servillano Aquino, San Miguel Tarlac City.




McArthur Highway Belen ( Sorry I forgot the name / owner)



Municipality of Capas BelenCapas Municipal Hall – McArthur Highway, Capas Tarlac

belenismo-5 belenismo-6 belenismo-7 belenismo-8


Azaya Garden Resort BelenMcArthur Highway – Capas, Tarlac

belenismo-9 belenismo-10 belenismo-11


Sto. Cristo Parich Church BelenMcArthur Highway – Capas, Tarlac.




Tarlac Provincial Capitol BelenTarlac City

belenismo-14 belenismo-15


Municipality of San Manuel Belen

belenismo-16 belenismo-17 belenismo-18


Municipality of Moncada

belenismo-20 belenismo-21

belenismo-22 belenismo-23

belenismo-24 belenismo-25 belenismo-26 belenismo-27 belenismo-28


Municipality of Paniqui

belenismo-29 belenismo-30 belenismo-31 belenismo-33


Municipality of Gerona

belenismo-35 belenismo-36 belenismo-34


Municipality of Victoria

belenismo-37 belenismo-38 belenismo-39

This is not a complete list but I will try the best to bring you more….

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