Banana Island – Coron

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Like Malcapuya island, Banana Island is no ordinary route for Coron’s island hopping. You need a special boat and a day for the trip to the island coz it’s quite far compare to other common island tour. By the way, I’m happy to say that you can spend overnight in one of their cottages which cost around 700-1000 (I forgot the exact rate). There’s no electricity but they have a generator. No government running water but they have a supply of salt and fresh water. Food, you have to bring your own.

Got the chance to talk to the owner and he’s nice and talkative. Hehe. You can rent a Kayak and swimming is possible within their shore. Just beware of Sea Urchins, I’ve seen a lot on the east side of the shore.

Banana Island

Banana Island's Coco Tree

One of the Cottages

Banana Island Cottage

Sunset in Banana Island


Banana Island Sunset


What can I say? Recommended!!! It’s nice to experience an overnight stay in an island like this.


  1. sue aldea
    August 8, 2010


    nice pictures! i’m sure you had a great time staying in coron. =)

    i just would like to ask if you have any contact numbers for the accomodations in banana and malcapuya island. your help will be greatly appreciated. thank you!

    • glennmendoza
      November 18, 2010

      Hi Sue…

      I don’t have any contact with Banana nor Malcapuya but you can just drop by the place via bangkeros in Coron. Actually, both islands are part of the tour.


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