Balatoc Mines

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After the free hefty breakfast provided by Azalea, we packed our gears with anticipation. No one in our group has ever been to this Balatoc Mines that becoming a famous attraction in Baguio. Neither I, I never thought that such a place could be an attraction and can drag tourist. Balatoc Mines is a 30 minute drive from the city capital. The view going there is fantastic. Away from the usual busy streets and crowds. Once we reached the Mines, we were greeted by the tourism officers. Balatoc Mines This is how the tourism office looks like. Its an office/museum. Balatoc Mines Every tourist is required to wear Boots and Safety Helmet. They will provide that. Balatoc Mines Balatoc Mines

The tour will technically show you how the mining is being done. They will show you equipments, how to drill rocks, how to put a dynamite to the hole. Yes.. that’s correct! They even show us real dynamite. And the highlights of the tour, is to go to the old actual mining site and experience how it feels like when a dynamite explodes inside the tunnel. Scary at it may seem, but it’s not. It just pumped the adrenaline out of me when I felt the shockwave of the blast. What an experience isn’t it? As we head to the tunnel. Balatoc Mines Believe it or not. The sack of rocks on the right is the actual rocks of gold. It needs to be extracted of course. Balatoc Mines We walked farther. Balatoc Mines Balatoc Mines The Balatoc Miners – When looking at the miners, it reminds my favorite character I play in Ragnarok. The Blacksmith! The Blacksmith dressed like that. Balatoc Mines Fruit of the Labor – The actual GOLD ORES. Balatoc Mines The Tunnel – I’m not really comfortable entering tight enclosure or maybe I have a slight phobia of tunnels. But I’m a full grown man, I should not be afraid!!! Convincing myself every step of the way. Haha! Balatoc Mines Balatoc Mines Balatoc Mines Inside the tunnel, it’s muddy, wet, and cold. A perfect ingredients to frighten yourself. Balatoc Mines Rock Bolting – it’s an activity inside Balatoc Mines Tunnel. One can experience drilling. I didn’t have pictures sad to say coz I was to busy taking pictures of this Miner. Balatoc Mines After the main event, dynamite blast! The “train” picked us up so we will not walk back to the office. Balatoc Mines Balatoc Mines Balatoc Mines Overall, this was a great experience. It something unique. Not the typical tour for facebook profile picture factory. Visiting Baguio City will never be complete without going to Balatoc Mines. Highly Recommended!


  1. elmer
    November 25, 2012

    Claustrophobia aabutin ko jan…

  2. silverdjin
    November 28, 2012

    Nice experience yan!


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