Baguio City | the summer capital of the Philippines

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I was already in college the first time I set foot to Baguio City. To be honest, I didn’t like the place that much. I find it over crowded and I can’t find anything special. Couple of visits more, it’s still the same notion.

Until just recently, I think I got the point why it is called the “Summer Capital of the Philippines”.

1. Cold weather – for a tropical country like the Philippines, a cold place is really a crowd favorite.
2. Night Market – you can find and buy very cheap clothes, shoes, apparel, etc..
3. Fresh Vegetables – need I say more?
4. Strawberries – I never left Baguio without buying Strawberries/Jam.
5. Night Life – since it’s cold, hanging out with friends has never been sweeter while in the City.
6. Panagbenga Festival Рone of the most famous festivals in the country

These are the things (in my opinion) why people flock to Baguio. And for our group, we had our lunch in a scenic spot. I love the ambiance. Now, I love the place…
PMA | Baguio City

PMA | Baguio City

PMA | Baguio City

PMA | Baguio City

Some little Pines and Mushroom
Young Pine (Tree)


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