A Journey to Siquijor

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From Manjuyod, I reached Dumaguete earlier than what’s on my itinerary time. So I decided to take my early lunch at Sans Rival Restaurant and just wait at the pier afterwards.

11:30am – Though my “Delta” ferry trip was scheduled at 1:30 pm, I was already at the pier waiting.
11:45am – I noticed that there’s a 12:00 pm trip going to Siquijor. I immediately asked the guard if I can cancel my 1:30 trip and just buy a ticket for 12:00pm. The guard said “yes” but warned me that it’s a different shipping company. He even let me see the boat first before buying a ticket.


I look at the ferry from afar and it looks cool in my opinion. So I immediately cancelled my 1:30pm “Delta” trip and bought a new 12:00pm “GL Shipping Lines” ticket. The guard asked “Ok na iho?” I smiled at him and said “yes, thanks manong”. I wasted no time and board the ferry.

Once inside, I’m not sure if I’ll back out or what. The ferry is not air-conditioned (I was not told), some seafarers wear sando and shorts (very unprofessional for my taste), life jackets will not float on water judging its physical condition in my opinion. But what can I do? I just looked forward to relax in Siquijor.


12:00 pm – We are still at the port. Some passengers was just beginning to arrive and loading their things. Very Filipino trait I guess?

12:20 pm – We left the port. Hurray!
12:25 pm – After just few minutes of drifting, Boom!!! Our ferry slammed on a huge wave. Strong enough to send huge quantity of waters on my window side. I was surprised with the waves. It’s very HIGH!!! I can compare it to the Mindoro-Batangas waves on the way to Puerto Galera.
12:45 pm – I started to smell engine fumes. It’s my weakness. I felt so dizzy that I want to throw up.
1:20 pm – My agony continued. It’s hot inside the ferry, we were being rocked by huge waves, engine fumes got stronger, and the sight of other passenger throwing up was not very inviting.
2:00 pm – We reached Siquijor port. What a relief! And though it was raining a little bit, my heart pounded once again with excitement. The weather did not cooperate I didn’t took a shot.

Outside the port lies pedicab drivers waiting for customers. They are very assertive. Sometimes, I find this annoying for travelers. It’s like they are invading your own private space. But hey, I’m just a tourist here plus I’m in Siquijor (witches might poke a needle on my “xxxx”.. hehe) so I don’t have the right to complain I whispered.

The rate of the pedicab depends on how far your destination is. In my case, my first destination was Maria, it’s in the east side of the island. The rate is 300 but I haggled for 250 pesos. It’s fair enough for almost an hour ride. Other option is to rent a single motorcycle for 350 pesos a day.

I asked the pedicab driver if there are Aswang (mythical creature in Philippine folklore, an inherently evil) on the island, he said non but lots of people died from needle poke (witch craft). He never spoke a word since then as we head to my destination…

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  1. clark
    March 24, 2012

    me and my friends will go to salagdoong tomorrow march 25 2012… we expect a lot of exciting views and fun experiences..


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