Patar White Beach

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If have a chance for a vacation getaway, Bolinao is my top destination. Why? Well, it’s somewhat uncommon compare to Batangas or Subic beaches. Plus, Pangasinan has been blessed with eye candy places like Hundred Islands, Dasol, Anda, to name a few. But what really caught my attention is the Bolinao’s pride, “Patar White Beach”. […]

Cape of Bolinao

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One of the major attractions in when you visit Bolinao is the “Cape of Bolinao” or simply the “lighthouse”. I’ve been to this place countless times but it’s only now that I thought of taking pictures of this lighthouse seriously. I got the chance to climb to the top way back 2006 during our Sykes […]

Collibra Island

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One of the most common destinations in exploring Dasol is the Collibra Island. Unfortunately, this is the only place that we explored due to stronger waves than normal. It’s better to go to Collibra before lunch for calmer ocean. The Island is small enough to explore in few minutes. I also did some portrait shots […]

Matabang Beach Resort

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In Tambobong, there’s only one existing resort as of the moment. It’s the “Matabang Beach Resort”. So I suggest that you call them few days prior if you have plans in visiting this place. They have 2-3 air-conditioned rooms and a nipa hut. Beach front of Matabang Beach Resort They also have this “pool” where […]

Tambobong – Dasol Pangasinan

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It’s been 4 years since I wanted to visit Dasol. Infact, my first dslr was a 400d and the reason for getting one was to take pictures of this place way back then. Through the years, I’ve been researching bout the place but only few information can be found over the internet. Thanks to mcCoy […]